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Taster Programme

Looking to develop your employability skills?

Our Taster Programme is a unique one day opportunity to engage with Teach First and start developing the skills and attributes needed to progress to employment after university.

Exclusively for students in their early years of study, the programme is also designed to give you an insider’s view of the career opportunities available through our Leadership Development Programme (LDP), as well as enhancing your employability.

Through a series of interactive workshops and self-reflection you will:

- gain an increased understanding of your own skill set 

- create your own bespoke development plan based on your skills and aspirations

- understand how you can use your skills to have a profound impact on helping us achieve our vision

During the day you will meet Teach First ambassadors (those who have completed our Leadership Development Programme) and hear their inspiring stories and experiences.

Who can apply?

In order to be eligible to apply for our Taster Programme you’ll need to meet the following requirements: 

- Studying for an undergraduate degree

- In your first year of study (three year course), or your first or second year of study (four year course) 

- Studying a degree or have A-levels that satisfy our requirements

- Minimum grade C (or equivalent) in GCSE maths and English


Applications for our Taster Programme have now closed. Please check back in the autumn for our new programme dates for 2017/18.


Hints and tips for your application

In the first section of the application, you will need to answer a few registration and academic questions. The following section consists of four competency based questions.

To give you the best chance of making a successful application, read on for our top tips.

- The application form should take around 30 minutes to complete. Take your time over each question and if necessary, pause and come back to your application with fresh eyes.

- Check how many parts there are to a single question and ensure that you answer each part carefully. For example, question two is divided into two sections; please answer both.

- To help you structure your answers, we suggest you use the STAR approach:

Situation – what was the situation?

Task – what needed to be done – what was the objective?

Action – what action did you take? Use the first person pronoun (“I did” “I created”) here. We also advise taking a look at our values, and weaving these into your answer.

Result – what happened in the end? The result should be a positive one. If it is negative, make it into a positive i.e. what did you learn from it?

- When using examples to illustrate your answers, think beyond the academic world.

- Don’t forget to do your research when writing about why you’d like to join our Taster Programme. Our website has a wealth of information for you to use and it’s important for you to know what the Teach First vision is.

- The final competency question can be a little tricky. Rather than focusing on leadership skills, tell us how a positive relationship was both formed and maintained.

- Many candidates fall down on spelling and grammar so please check your application through thoroughly before submitting. One way of doing this is by copying and pasting your answer into a Word document.

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