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Brand Manager Programme

Want to work for a top employer while you're still at university?

Brand Managers are ambitious, confident and committed students who support our work at universities to raise awareness of Teach First. This exciting and varied opportunity enables you to build on your employability skills by promoting Teach First, driving attendance at our events and, ultimately, increasing applications for our Leadership Development Programme (LDP) and undergraduate opportunities.

As a Brand Manager you’ll use your confidence and connections to be our visible presence at your university. We’ll place you in the midst of brilliant people who will inspire, support and challenge you. You'll develop on a personal and professional level through challenging goals and targets, and by raising awareness of Teach First you’ll also play an invaluable part in our mission to end educational inequality.

It is a paid role, requiring a commitment of four hours per week. In addition to financial reward you’ll gain valuable experience in marketing and event management and expand your own professional networks.

If you are interested in applying for the LDP yourself, becoming a Brand Manager will give you a real head start. The skills and attributes associated with this role are aligned with our selection competencies, and on completion of the Brand Manager Programme you will automatically be eligible to attend an LDP assessment centre (provided you meet the programme’s criteria).

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Key requirements

- Studying at a UK university that we recruit from and have permission to work within the EU.

- A university student on campus at the time of application and during the year in role.

- Commitment of an average of four hours a week for two terms (autumn and spring); the hours you work are flexible so you can fit the role around your studies.

- Compulsory attendance at a two day residential training event in September 2017 and a mid-point training day in December 2017 or January 2018. Travel and accommodation are provided.

Job description

Key accountabilities 
Accountabilities within the role include, but are not limited to: 

Lead generation 

- Speaking with students and encouraging them to sign up to receive further information about Teach First from the Graduate Recruitment team.

- Striving to meet targets set.

Raising brand awareness 

- Delivering lecture shouts or pitches about Teach First to diverse audiences.

- Raising awareness of Teach First via a diverse range of media – online and offline.

- Driving students to events and raising awareness of Teach First by devising and implementing innovative activities on campus. 

- Ensuring that the Teach First brand is visible on campus (posters, flyers etc.) 

Stakeholder engagement 

- Building relationships with, and engaging with relevant academics and a diverse range of university societies. 

- Compelling students to engage in Teach First opportunities. 

Events management and attendance 

- Representing Teach First at various careers fairs.

- Supporting at the annual Employer Presentation and other employer presentations throughout the year as directed by line manager.

- Design and delivery of innovative events and visibility campaigns to generate interest in Teach First.


- You will be paid £7.50/hour in your first year in role, rising to £8.00/hour if remaining in role for a second year.

- Brand Managers can benefit from a flexible working system, so with the exception of pre-planned events, you will be able to plan and manage your own time. 

- Teach First strives to ensure strong performance is recognised and rewarded and as such you will be eligible for non-monetary one-off rewards where appropriate. 

- Brand Managers who meet the relevant criteria are eligible to fast track to the assessment centre stage of our LDP and Insight programme.


We look for evidence of the following competencies when recruiting Brand Managers:


You will need to show passion for Teach First and our vision, as well as an understanding and enthusiasm for the different opportunities we offer students and graduates. We need candidates with strong connections at their universities through societies, departments and voluntary organisations, who are able to build relationships with a variety of stakeholders.


You will need to be proactive and make decisions on a daily basis individually and as part of a Brand Manager team. You will be expected to strive to achieve above and beyond expectations by taking the lead and initiative to drive campaigns at your university.

Problem solving

Every day you will face new challenges and will have to come up with considered, effective and appropriate solutions in response. While drawing on resources and logic you will need to be innovative in your approach to  promoting Teach First opportunities at your university. You will be expected to suggest creative ideas for engaging campaigns that capture the attention of students on campus.

Humility, respect and empathy

As a Teach First Brand Manager you will be working with a variety of university stakeholders. We look for those that can build relationships quickly, giving value and respect to others to get the best out of them and to leverage support on campus.


Communicating clearly while listening and responding appropriately is very important as a Brand Manager. You will need to adapt your style in different situations and contribute as a great team player. You will be required to communicate with others verbally on a regular basis and will need to be persuasive in your interactions with others to influence their decision making.


Personal development is vital early in your career. You will need to be aware of your performance, your strengths and your weaknesses and will need to be realistic in what and how you can do better.

Planning and organising

You will need to manage your weekly responsibilities and plan and execute your own activities and events. This will mean effectively managing your own hours and duties alongside your academic work.

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