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We have partnered with leading universities in the fields of education and leadership

As a participant, you have the opportunity to work towards a Masters qualification specifically designed to further develop your effectiveness as a leader and teacher. Delivered by top universities, the Masters is available to you at a vastly reduced cost.

Starting in your second year, the Masters builds on your Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with Qualified Teaching Status (QTS) that you will achieve during your first year of the Leadership Development programme.

The Masters has been recognised to support participants in becoming more confident teachers and helping them see how they can make an impact beyond the classroom.

University Local area Title

Institute of Education


Masters in Leadership (Teach First)

University of Manchester

North West

Masters in Education (Teach First Leadership)

Yorkshire and the Humber

University of Warwick

East Midlands

Masters in Educational Leadership (Teach First)

West Midlands

North East

Canterbury Christ Church University

East of England

Masters of Arts, Transformational Leadership (Teach First)

South Coast

South East

University of Bristol

South West

Master of Science Educational Leadership (Teach First)


The Masters is an optional two-year commitment starting in your second year of the Leadership Development Programme (LDP), after you have achieved your Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with Qualified Teaching Status (QTS). The Masters programmes have been designed to utilise and take advantage of work that participants are already committed to. This includes the achievement of your PGCE, which gives you 60 credits to transfer to the 180-credit Masters.

To secure the remaining 180 credits required for your Masters, you will need to complete a university-taught module (30 credits) on topics such as education policy, school effectiveness, and leading change, and write a dissertation report (60 credits).

The basic structure of the Masters is the same for all delivering universities. However, the content and focus differs slightly to reflect each university’s specific areas of expertise.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

Credits: 60 credits transferred from the Initial Teacher Training university

Independent self-study

Assessment: a reflective essay based on the Leadership Development Programme

Research methods module

Assessment: dissertation proposal

University- taught module

Assessment: research- /practice- based essay



Assessment: extended research- based dissertation


For participants in Wales

Participants in Wales are also eligible to apply for the Masters in Educational Practice supported by the Welsh government. This is a practice-based Masters programme, available free of charge aimed at supporting teachers to have an even greater impact on learning in the classroom.

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