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Leadership development

Teachers are leaders. Every day they inspire and motivate large groups of young people to engage, to work and to succeed.

Achieving this in the face of the host of challenges and distractions that young people face requires true leadership. Our Leadership Development Programme (LDP), and the skills, strategies and behaviours you learn as a participant will set you apart whatever career you choose.

Top recruiters look for leaders – people who have a track record of making things happen and inspiring others to achieve to their full potential. A major feature of our LDP is its focus on developing your leadership skills.

Focus on leadership

Why focus on leadership? Because teachers have to be leaders. Engaging, motivating, guiding and inspiring 30 young people would be a test for any leader in any sector yet teachers do it several times every day. Your ability to lead and to inspire is what will enable you to influence the achievement of all your pupils, and your leadership abilities will make you stand out in your future career.

We will draw out your leadership abilities as a communicator and an influencer in a way that no other graduate programme can. We will enable you to develop the knowledge, understanding, personal skills and strategies to unite and focus groups of individuals on subjects and tasks.

You will learn to praise, guide, lead with authority, gain and maintain respect, and harness the abilities of disparate individuals to reach a common goal and achieve great results. You’ll be doing all those things within a school setting with students and colleagues, but over 80 supporter organisations recognise that these skills are directly transferable to leadership roles in other organisations – in business, charity and government.

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