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What happens after the Leadership Development Programme?

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) is just the beginning of the work we are doing to fulfil our mission, and we hope our participants will continue to engage with our vision long after they have completed the programme.

All participants who complete the LDP automatically become ambassadors, and are encouraged to get involved with our vibrant and proactive alumni community. The ambassador network is a key tool in mobilising and engaging all the incredible participants who have spent two years honing invaluable leadership skills, humility and confidence. 

Currently around half of our ambassadors are still in teaching jobs throughout the UK, 50% of those that stay a third year in the classroom are in a leadership position and eight are head teachers. The other half of our ambassador network is energetically advocating for change through their roles in business, the third sector and government. In fact, 62% of those ambassadors employed in business work for organisations that support Teach First.

United by their shared experience and insight into the challenges schools face, practical knowledge of what works, and the expertise and commitment to address the Teach First vision, the ambassador network has evolved into a powerful and dynamic force for social change.

How our ambassadors make a difference



Through the network, ambassadors can connect with one another and the wider Teach First community to develop and test ideas that will help us achieve our vision. For example, 36 social enterprises have sprung from our ambassador community in the last 10 years and more are on the way. Nine of these social enterprises have been recognised as Innovation Partners and we support them as they focus on ending educational inequality in innovative ways.

In addition, ambassadors are working towards the launch of seven free schools. Whatever the idea, our ambassadors are able to build and access a support system to share experiences, learning and knowledge.


Ultimately, we invest in our ever-growing ambassador community because we believe that our participants have a very real opportunity to change the inequality in education today. Ambassadors can influence change at pupil, school and system level. As qualified and experienced leaders they have taken up roles in management – in schools, businesses, charities and government – and they can influence the debate about UK education. Many have written for the national press, or contributed to public policy and decision-making, while others are mentoring students as part of the Futures programme or are volunteering as school governors.


The ambassador community is actively involved with many of our Platinum Partners, and our many other cross-industry supporters.  Being part of the network you will gain access to some of the most influential organisations and experts in the professional world. 

Many organisations value the skills and experiences that our participants gain through the LDP and being part of our active community can open doors – not just for development of the charity’s reach, but for you professionally too.

Find out more about our supporters and our Platinum Partners, and the opportunities available on our supporters page. 

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