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Taster Programme

Want to learn more about what we do?

Designed for undergraduates in their early years of study, our two-day Taster Programme will develop your skills through a number of interactive workshops. You’ll also gain a 360-degree view of educational inequality and learn more about our graduate Leadership Development Programme.

Over the two days you’ll engage in activities to develop your problem-solving, communication and self-evaluation skills. You will work with like-minded undergraduates and meet ambassadors, people who have completed our Leadership Development Programme, to hear about their experiences.

What’s more, as a Taster participant you’ll gain an increased understanding of the work we do to end educational inequality and find out how you personally can make an impact. 


- Professional skills training that will enhance your employability.
- Understanding of how you can use your skills to help us achieve our vision.
- A guaranteed place at our assessment centre for our Insight and Brand Manager programmes (provided you meet the criteria).


Applications are currently open for our Taster Programme running from 30 November – 1 December 2017.

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Who can apply?

To be eligible for our programme you should:

- Be in your first year of study, or your first or second year of study if you are on a four-year course.

- Studying a degree or have A-levels that align with our Leadership Development Programme criteria.

- Have 300 UCAS points or equivalent.

Hints and tips for your application

In the first section of your online application, you will need to answer a few registration and academic questions and then a series of competency based questions. In the second section you’ll need to create a video application.

To give you the best chance of making a successful application, read on for our top tips.

- Take your time over each question and if necessary, pause and come back to your application with fresh eyes.

- Ensure you include enough detail in your answers and clearly explain your thought processes and rationale behind any decision making

- Don’t forget to do your research when writing about why you’d like to join our Taster Programme. Our website has a wealth of information for you to use and it’s important for you to know what the Teach First vision is.

· To help you structure your answers for the competency-based questions, we suggest you use the CAR framework:

Context: Outline the context. What needed to be done? What was the objective?

Action: Next, explain the action you took to try and meet the objective. Use the first-person pronoun (“I did” “I created”) here. We also advise taking a look at our values, and weaving these into your answer.

Result: Finally, write about the result. This should be a positive one. If it’s negative, make it into a positive i.e. what did you learn from it? Where possible it’s good for us to see qualitative results to strengthen the assessor's understanding of the outcome.

· Please ensure that any examples you use in your answers are based on real-life situations rather than hypotheticals. Provide significant detail about any activities or events that you describe in your answer.

- Many candidates fall down on spelling and grammar so please check your application through thoroughly before submitting. One way of checking is by copying and pasting your answer into a Word document.

· The video application is also competency-focused; the competencies we’re assessing are knowledge and interaction so the video is a great opportunity to let your enthusiasm for Teach First really come through.

- The video does not need to be professionally shot; we just need to see you clearly and hear what you have to say. All you need to do is film yourself on your phone or a webcam.

- Make sure you look at the camera, speak clearly and don’t forget to smile. Try to avoid reading from a script and let your personality shine.

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