I realised educational disadvantage was much more of a problem than I had first thought.
John Roberts (’07) Physics
It all clicked into place in the second term of the first year, and it happened without me even realising.
Zeenia Anwar (’05) Biomedical Science

Our LD Programme

Your Teaching Qualification

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By joining Teach First you are committing to work towards a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) during your first year on the Leadership Development Programme – a qualification that means, whatever you decide to do after Teach First, you will be able to return to teaching in the future.

Starting out

You’ll start as an unqualified teacher and your progress will be continually monitored and supported by your school, university and Teach First. By teaching and reflecting on the experience and participating in ongoing leadership development training from Teach First, you’ll develop the skills and behaviours that will earn your teaching qualification.

Achieving the qualification

The award is based on you having developed a file of evidence which is reviewed at the end of year one of the programme. It will include four written assignments (two of which will be at Masters level), weekly written reflections in a journal, observations and a final external assessment.

Newly Qualified Teacher

In your second year you will teach as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT), which will allow you to participate in your school’s induction programme – usually featuring further training, orientations and conferences. You will also continue to be closely supported by your mentors, tutors and Teach First.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Teachers are leaders, inspiring and motivating large groups of young people. Teach First’s innovative Leadership Development Programme will give you the skills, strategies and behaviours to be a leader in any environment, in any sector, including education.

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