I realised educational disadvantage was much more of a problem than I had first thought.
John Roberts (’07) Physics
It all clicked into place in the second term of the first year, and it happened without me even realising.
Zeenia Anwar (’05) Biomedical Science

Our LD Programme

The Masters

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Teach First participants have the opportunity to work towards a masters qualification which is specifically designed to further develop their abilities to be effective leaders in schools. Teach First has partnered with leading universities in the fields of education and leadership to deliver the masters.

University Region Title
Institute of Education London Masters in Leadership (Teach First)
University of Manchester North West Masters in Education (Teach First Leadership)
University of Warwick East Midlands Masters in Educational Leadership (Teach First)
West Midlands
North East
Canterbury Christ Church University South East Masters of Arts, Transformational Leadership (Teach First)
To be confirmed South Coast, South West and Teach First Cymru To be confirmed

This qualification will be valuable in any future career and will enhance your status and mobility both in the UK and beyond.

The masters is an optional two-year commitment starting at the end of your first year on the Leadership Development Programme after you achieve your Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with Qualified Teaching Status (QTS). The PGCE and LDP are commitments that all participants are asked to meet when joining Teach First. The 180-credit masters programmes have been designed to utilise and take advantage of work that participants are already committed to. This includes the achievement of their PGCE which gives participants 60 credits to transfer to the masters, and their involvement with the LDP which is used as the basis of a reflective essay called the Independent Self Study giving a further 30 credits. The remaining 90 credits are achieved by the completion of a university taught module (30 credits) on topics like education policy, school effectiveness, and leading change, and a dissertation report (60 credits).

The basic structure of the masters is the same for all three universities (below – subject to change for 2013), however, the content and focus differs slightly to reflect their areas of expertise.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

Credits: 60 credits transferred from the Regional Training Provider (RTP of the PGCE)
Independent Self Study

Delivery: LD Partners

Assessment: A reflective essay based on the Leadership Development Programme
Research Methods Module

Delivery: Masters Institution

Assessment: Dissertation Proposal
University taught Module
Delivery: Masters Institution
Assessment: A research / practice based essay.
Dissertation / Report
Assessment: An extended research based dissertation.




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