You meet like-minded people on the programme, & you're all there for the same reason - you want to make a difference.
Caroline Cane (’04) Chemistry

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Stephen Howe

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Stephen Howe (’07) Ambassador
Studied English, Bristol
Taught English
Now Department of Transport

Islam Zitout Pupil
Year Group Lower Sixth
Mentored By Stephen Howe

S: HEAPS is about pairing people who are currently going through their A Levels with somebody who has done the Teach First programme and has, therefore, been to university. The students who join the HEAPS programme are all exceptionally talented, lively and full of potential.

I: To be frank and get straight to the point, if it wasn’t for HEAPS I wouldn’t know where I would be going, in the sense of my direction. My school isn’t the greatest school around. We’re not really exceptional in terms of grades and all that and we don’t really get told a lot about personal statements and UCAS and all this other sort of university business that I wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for HEAPS.

When Stephen and I meet, we go through all these things: any new projects I’ve been up to, how each individual subject going, how revision is going, and anything he can do to help me out. As well as showing me all the options available, it can also provide educational tips and actually advise me on certain things. Stephen did English and I do English Literature and sometimes we can talk about things like the book I am reading.

I’ve been to Oxford twice and Cambridge for three days. The residential is probably the best part. I wouldn’t have been to all these grand universities and I wouldn’t know what it’s actually like to be in Cambridge. When I say I want to study, for example, PPE, I wouldn’t actually know what it is. I might look it up, but I wouldn’t actually know. I’ve never experienced it.

I would never have applied to Oxford and Cambridge because I thought I don’t have the potential to get in, but speaking to these like-minded people and admissions tutors who would talk you through the entire process, step by step, it seems like a much easier process than I would have thought.

S: I took Islam to my office this week, which is the Department for Transport in and around the Whitehall area. As he wants to study Politics I thought it would be quite a useful window.

It’s really great for me, having been out of the classroom for two years, to get back in amongst young people, to hear a bit about Islam’s life and the pretty cool stuff that he does. I look forward to our meetings and I think we have a really nice relationship and it’s great to catch up every six weeks to two months.

I: He always buys me coffee so it’s a bit of a treat as well.

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & selection

Are you the kind of person who could make an impact in one of Teach First’s partner schools? You’ll need bright ideas, gritty determination, awesome communication skills and the confidence to stand up in front of 30 pupils, engage their attention, deflect their jibes and lead them on a journey. It’s a big ask.

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Our Programme

Our programme

At the heart of Teach First is a unique two-year Leadership Development Programme. Challenging, stimulating and practical, it has been designed to develop your leadership skills, giving you the ability to adapt to new or changing situation and inspire enthusiasm and ambition in the classroom.

Ambassador offering

Ambassador offering

As a Teach First Ambassador you will be part of a network like no other – a group of influential leaders in education, policy, business and the third sector, united by shared experience, benefiting from its ongoing support and contributing to its mission.

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