You meet like-minded people on the programme, & you're all there for the same reason - you want to make a difference.
Caroline Cane (’04) Chemistry

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Muganzi Obonyo

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Muganzi Obonyo (’07) Ambassador
Studied English, Reading
Taught English
Now English teacher

I went to a Teach First school. I realised that it takes inspiring teachers to try and draw out the desire in their students. So I figured, let me do the same.

It’s about trying to encourage students to believe that there is a purpose for them at school, and getting the grades and moving on from there. It’s a platform to success.

The hardest thing I’ve had to deal with is apathy. I feel that the way to try and get around that is just to be relatable.

There was a time when we were looking at an extract and there was a certain word that came up which students were using quite regularly in and around the corridor. So I said “Look, see, even Shakespeare was using the words you’re using now.” That gained a lot of laughs from the students; a lot of intrigue; a lot of insight.

To be a part of Teach First is very gratifying. You do feel part of a network which is now increasing its profile across the nation. I’m proud to be a member of Teach First and will continue to try and have some sort of impact socially.

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & selection

Are you the kind of person who could make an impact in one of Teach First’s partner schools? You’ll need bright ideas, gritty determination, awesome communication skills and the confidence to stand up in front of 30 pupils, engage their attention, deflect their jibes and lead them on a journey. It’s a big ask.

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Our Programme

Our programme

At the heart of Teach First is a unique two-year Leadership Development Programme. Challenging, stimulating and practical, it has been designed to develop your leadership skills, giving you the ability to adapt to new or changing situation and inspire enthusiasm and ambition in the classroom.

Ambassador offering

Ambassador offering

As a Teach First Ambassador you will be part of a network like no other – a group of influential leaders in education, policy, business and the third sector, united by shared experience, benefiting from its ongoing support and contributing to its mission.

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