You meet like-minded people on the programme, & you're all there for the same reason - you want to make a difference.
Caroline Cane (’04) Chemistry

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Manjit More

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Manjit More (’08) Ambassador
Studied History, Birmingham
Taught History
Now Leadership Development Officer, Teach First

The reason I joined Teach First was because the school I went to as a pupil myself failed most of my friends, family and local community, and it’s just totally unacceptable. The people that attended my school were no less intelligent than somebody who attended the school down the road and it’s my responsibility to give something back.

Mine was a real unique situation. When I got to the school, it was announced the school was going to close two years later. So with the pupils, they really got it into their head “We’re rubbish.” The only reason they’re closing the school is because we’re not good enough.” We talk about having low expectations for yourself, but these kids’ expectations had hit rock bottom and it’s not because of what they did.

Education is the key. That was my big mantra. “Education will open any door you want. There’s nothing you won’t be able to do if you’ve got a good education. And on your grades, there’ll be nothing in brackets to say that your school closed down. It will just be your name and your grade.”

I took over the football team. We’d never won a game in three years. So I said “Lads, we’ve got 15 games, we need to win one and we’ll be the best team in the school’s history,” and the school had been going for 88 years. So we won one game all season and that was fantastic.

A highlight was the GCSE results at the end of Year 11. We got 100% A* to C in my History class. That’s probably the proudest I think I’ve ever been.

I wanted to help as many kids as possible. I really love working with the kids in my classroom so I was like, “I want to help thousands of them, and eventually millions of kids. How can I access those children?” So I applied to be a Leadership Development Officer for Teach First, and now my job is to support Teach First participants in the classroom.

The buzz of seeing kids every day, seeing the tangible progress that they make, it’s easily the best job in the world.

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & selection

Are you the kind of person who could make an impact in one of Teach First’s partner schools? You’ll need bright ideas, gritty determination, awesome communication skills and the confidence to stand up in front of 30 pupils, engage their attention, deflect their jibes and lead them on a journey. It’s a big ask.

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Our Programme

Our programme

At the heart of Teach First is a unique two-year Leadership Development Programme. Challenging, stimulating and practical, it has been designed to develop your leadership skills, giving you the ability to adapt to new or changing situation and inspire enthusiasm and ambition in the classroom.

Ambassador offering

Ambassador offering

As a Teach First Ambassador you will be part of a network like no other – a group of influential leaders in education, policy, business and the third sector, united by shared experience, benefiting from its ongoing support and contributing to its mission.

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