You meet like-minded people on the programme, & you're all there for the same reason - you want to make a difference.
Caroline Cane (’04) Chemistry

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Adam Rogers

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Adam Rogers (’08) Ambassador
Studied Computer Sciences, Sheffield Hallam
Taught ICT
Now Director of year 9 progress

My first lesson was a year 11 lesson, so obviously they knew the school better than I did. It was quite a harrowing experience to start with year 11’s lining up, taller than me and all very confident, with me standing at the front trying to control them. You feel completely out of your depth at first but everyone feels like that and you’re certainly not alone. Then you get the first couple of days out the way and it really becomes quite natural and you start to work on your interpersonal skills and relationships with the kids and you learn how to get them on your side.

I try to use a lot of humour. Whether they actually find me funny or they think I’m quite sad is beside the point. It normally works quite well to engage them. Trying to get them standing rather than sat at a computer is also quite good. Not giving them tasks where they have to monotonously type or they have to stay in their seat all lesson.

My piece of advice would be that you won’t know everything to start with, and don’t expect yourself to. I went in and wanted to immediately be very good at what I did. You don’t know how to do a great job to start with, you have to learn that, so don’t worry that you don’t know everything to start with.

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & selection

Are you the kind of person who could make an impact in one of Teach First’s partner schools? You’ll need bright ideas, gritty determination, awesome communication skills and the confidence to stand up in front of 30 pupils, engage their attention, deflect their jibes and lead them on a journey. It’s a big ask.

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Our Programme

Our programme

At the heart of Teach First is a unique two-year Leadership Development Programme. Challenging, stimulating and practical, it has been designed to develop your leadership skills, giving you the ability to adapt to new or changing situation and inspire enthusiasm and ambition in the classroom.

Ambassador offering

Ambassador offering

As a Teach First Ambassador you will be part of a network like no other – a group of influential leaders in education, policy, business and the third sector, united by shared experience, benefiting from its ongoing support and contributing to its mission.

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