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Megan Dillon

  • Studied: Economics, University of Nottingham
Megan Dillon

I did the Insight Programme because I wanted to apply for the Leadership Development Programme but I wasn't completely sure if it was for me, so it was a nice way to get a flavour of what the grad scheme would be like.

Insight taught me that I was a lot more confident than I thought I was. It taught me that I could be in charge of a group of people and not mess it up. I think it gave me the confidence that I could be a teacher one day and that, even if I wasn't to become a teacher, I could stand at the front of a boardroom and lead a meeting.

The Insight Programme was two weeks and in the first week we learned about teacher training and the methods behind teaching, and a lot more about Teach First and their vision and goals. We did lots of team bonding in the first few days so that we got to know the people we'd be teaching with, which was really interesting and exciting.

Then our second week we were put in placement schools across the country. I myself was in Hartlepool, which is a place I've never been before. It was nice to go and see that part of the world. I was specialising in maths so I followed some maths teachers around, got to see different classes, different year groups, different levels of ability, and it was all geared to the end where we took a lesson with one of our classes as if we were a teacher of that class, which was kind of daunting but a really good experience.

We took all of that knowledge we'd learned in the first week and were thrown in a bit at the deep end but had an amazing time with our class. I loved every second of it. I was teaching a science lesson on light and reflection, so I thought of a couple of games we could play. We had some mirrors, we were in teams and we were reflecting light onto targets on the walls. So we'd do a bit of a quiz and you'd all have to get in your teams and shine your light onto the right answer, which was really fun. The kids loved it.

The Insight Programme really encouraged me more than anything to want to apply to do the Leadership Development Programme. I think it gave me that final push into making my application. It's definitely something I'm excited about and definitely the job I want to have, coming out of university.

Even if you haven't thought of joining Teach First, you could really engage with the programme. There were lots of people there who'd never really thought of being a teacher but are now so engaged. It gives you guidance, a route to follow through uni, so that you know where you're going at the end of it.