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Summer Institute

A two-year programme based on global best practice and research.

Your LDP begins at Summer Institute, our intensive five-week training programme that immerses you in the theory and practice of teaching. Developed in partnership with the UK’s leading teacher training universities, it will give you the skills and knowledge that you need to enter the classroom and begin finding your feet as a teacher.

During Summer Institute you will experience a variety of sessions, events and activities. The majority of your training will be delivered by Teach First, our university partners and  education experts. You will focus on the development of your curriculum knowledge, understanding of educational theory and practice, and classroom management. You will also spend a significant amount of time in schools practising your teaching.

Participants spend the first four weeks of Summer Institute in the local area where they’ll be teaching. In week five, all participants come together in one location. This is the first time the whole cohort will be in one place and it gives you an opportunity to meet participants from other local areas.

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