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Salary and benefits

During the Leadership Development Programme, you'll earn a salary while receiving your training

There are many variables that will determine how much you earn as a participant. In year one you’ll receive at least the basic salary for an unqualified teacher, rising in year two to the basic for a newly qualified teacher (NQT), which is £22,467 - £28,098 depending on location. However, you may earn a lot more, depending on your local area, the school you work in, and any management responsibilities you take on. Many participants have added departmental, year group or leadership responsibilities to their roles from very early in their careers and these can significantly add to your earnings.

For more detail on teachers’ salaries visit the Get into Teaching website.

Accommodation, transport and food expenses are provided over Summer Institute. However, we are aware that some applicants may require financial support over this period and we would not want financial circumstances to discourage you from applying. For more information about the support we can offer in the area of expenses covered teacher training, contact the recruitment team.

Key benefits of our Leadership Development Programme


- Opportunity to be part of a movement that is changing lives and that will change society

- Intensive teacher training leading to a Postgraduate Diploma (worth double the credits of a PGCE)

- Real responsibility from day one

- Opportunity to pursue a Masters qualification at reduced cost

- Ongoing leadership development, coaching, business training and skills workshops

- Access to professional development and network of supporters

- Full-time paid position for minimum of two years

- 13 weeks holiday

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