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Post assessment centre requirements

What happens after the Assessment Centre?

If you are successful at our Assessment Centre, you will be made a conditional offer for the Leadership Development Programme. Your place will be dependent on successfully meeting these conditions. You’ll get the full details at offer stage but, in short, here’s what to expect: 

Curriculum Knowledge Assessment (CKA)

The CKA allows us to check your knowledge of the curriculum area you have been allocated to teach, and identify any areas of knowledge that you need to develop further before you begin the programme. You will need to successfully complete and pass your CKA to retain your place on the programme.

QTS Professional Skills Tests

All applicants for initial teacher training courses are required to have passed QTS Professional Skills Tests in numeracy and literacy before starting their course. This is to ensure all teachers are competent in numeracy and literacy, regardless of their specialism.

Return of a satisfactory reference

At provisional offer stage, you will be asked to provide details of suitable referees to cover the past two years. If you are still studying for an undergraduate degree then this will need to include an academic reference. Any referee provided will need to have either direct academic supervision responsibility for you, or be a manager/former manager.

Prepare for the Leadership Development Programme

In the year leading up to starting the Leadership Development Programme, you will receive some information to help you prepare. This includes:

Pre-Summer Institute work

Before you begin the Summer Institute, you will be required to spend some time observing in a school and developing your reflective abilities. You’ll also be given some recommended reading and exercises to complete in advance..

Teach First online community

All participants are given access to the Teach First online community, which is a place for you to communicate with other participants as well as ambassadors who have completed the programme. You’ll be able to read all the latest updates from us, sign up to events, share opportunities, write blogs and start getting involved with the community.

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