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Teaching requirements

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We currently place participants in primary and secondary schools across England and Wales. If you are successful at your Assessment Centre, you will be made a conditional offer for the Leadership Development Programme. The curriculum area you teach will be based on the needs of our schools and your eligibility.

Primary teaching

For primary teaching, we require a degree (2.1 or above) in one of the following primary national curriculum subjects:

- Art & Design

- Design & Technology

- English

- Geography

- History

- Computer Science & ICT

- Maths

- Modern Foreign Languages (French or Spanish)

- Music

- Physical Education

- Religious Education

- Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

or an A*, A or B A-level (or equivalent) in two of these subjects. If you have a Psychology degree (2.1 or above) you will also be eligible to teach in a primary school.


Secondary teaching

For secondary teaching, we require a degree (2.1 or above) related to one of the following secondary national curriculum subjects:

- Business Studies

- Design & Technology*

- English*

- Geography

- History

- Computer Science & ICT*

- Maths*

- Modern Foreign Languages (French or Spanish)

- Music

- Religious Education

- Science*

or an A*, A or B A-level (or equivalent) in any of the subjects asterisked above. Please note, to be eligible to teach science two relevant A-levels are required. If you studied in Scotland, Advanced Highers are equivalent to A-levels. Similarly, if you studied the International Baccalaureate, Higher level subjects are equivalent to A-levels.

If you’re still not sure which curriculum area(s) you would be able to teach, please contact faq@teachfirst.org.uk for more information.

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